Beat Yesterday

Kids Run This City believes that every runner has the potential to be better than they were yesterday. And not just better at running. Better at life. Be that a better friend, a better student, a better athlete, a better whatever-matters-to-you-most. That’s why we encourage our runners to set goals, set out a plan to achieve more and dig deep on race day.

And we make good on that bet with our Personal Best Awards at our events.

So come on, beat yesterday. We know you can.



Warming up is important in any sport to get young bodies ready for activity. Take kids through a series of movement that will warm up their whole bodies.


Animal run

A team-based game in which the last runner in line sprints to the front when they get the baton. Learn to run at a steady pace and develop the ability to sprint for those nailed-it finishes.



Experiment with the concept of pacing - running at an even pace crucial for challenging distances. Test skills by running until you blow your whistle, then turning around and seeing if they ended up where they started.